3 Amazing Breathing & Horse Riding Tips

Breathing and Horse Riding

Our breath is something that we tend to forget about. We take over 20,000 breaths per day and thankfully we do it subconsciously. Can you imagine having to remember to take each one of those 20,000 breaths.  As breathing is taken care of by our Autonomic Nervous System, it is something we don’t have to think about. It […]

Top 6 Tips When Buying Your First Horse

Buying Your First Horse

Buying your first horse is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience all at the same time! Taking the leap into horse ownership can be daunting however our step-by-step guide should make it a little easier to know what to expect! We advise you to take someone who is well experienced in buying horses with you to […]

Register with the Horse Empire

horse empire stallion

Welcome to The Horse Empire blog, here we will be sharing a varied range of topics with tips on how to look after your horse as well as how to best list your product or service on the website. Today we will be helping you get initially set up with The Horse Empire both as […]